BARRY Dutton is indeed a 'PrYme Mover'. The 82-years-old is moving and grooving with vigour and spirit that he attributes to regular exercise classes at the Caloundra YMCA.

YMCA Caloundra Centre Manager Kim Lawson is another mover and shaker, though more in the organisational line, which has seen her introduce 'PrYme Movers' classes and an ongoing programme of information sessions designed for the older person.

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The 'PrYme Movers' exercise program is taught by qualified instructors with a particular focus on low impact, safe exercise for the older person.

But Kim says the class does more than look after the body.

"It's more than just a fitness club," she told Seniors News.

"It's about creating a community … the YMCA is a community."

Caloundra YMCA a place for PrYme Movers: YMCA Caloundra Centre Manager Kim Lawson explains the 'PrYme Mover' program and the benefits to seniors. Credit: Gail Forrer.


Barry Dutton joined this community about 18 months ago. He made the move from Victoria to Caloundra to be close to family, but after a certain amount of time, he felt he had exceeded his comfort level and needed to shape up.

"After a while my long walks had diminished and I realised I had become a couch potato," Barry said.

"And I had put on weight because every time I walked past the fridge, I would stop and have something to eat."

Barry's solution was to head to the Council and check out what facilities/services were available for people of his age. His search was rewarded with advice about the 'PrYme Movers' exercise club.

He now attends classes twice a week, has lost weight and improved his general health.

He is also keen on the class' extra benefits, which he sees as keeping the mind agile.

The way to become a 'PrYme Mover': Barry Dutton runs through the program that has made him a 'PrYme Mover' at the YMCA Caloundra. Credit: Gail Forrer.

"Your brain is just like a muscle, it needs exercise too," he said.

Barry believes that exercise routines in the 'PrYme Movers' program are aimed directly at improving mind muscle fitness.

Kim welcomes all older people to join the classes and enjoy the social life at the YMCA.


Phone: 5438 0944

Speciality classes for the over 50's. Arthur Street, Caloundra (Between tennis courts and pool).

Tea and coffee after each class to catch up with new friends.

Fortnightly discussions around topics such as:

  • Operating an IPad
  • Healthy Minds and Bodies
  • Healthy recipes