TRAVEL: Colourful women brighten Japanese scenery

NOBODY can ever accuse Japanese women of being dull.

Travel photography enthusiasts find an endless supply of colourful subjects in Japan.

In gardens and parks on any weekend, visitors can see brides trying to upstage each other with their elaborate wedding gowns.

In Harajuku young girls all try to be more outrageous than their friends, by wearing costumes from comic book characters, Gothic style and even French maid clothes.

At Yosakoi festivals throughout Japan, hundreds of dance teams compete against each other for best costume design.

In Kyoto there is an enthusiastic demand from women under 50 to pay to dress up like a Geisha, including makeup and hairstyle.

Ken Osetroff, director of Toursgallery said "Around the streets of Ninenzaka Slope visitors often mistake a well made up local lady playing dress up, for a genuine Geisha."

Toursgallery offer six different escorted small group tours in 2017 during which their guests can see the colourful women in Japan.

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