MOTORING ON: Neville Young, the founder of the motor-scooter Blue Sky Tours.
MOTORING ON: Neville Young, the founder of the motor-scooter Blue Sky Tours.

Tour under the Coast's blue skies

NEVILLE Young invites seniors to battle their loneliness by getting out on their mopeds and joining him for a ride on the pathways of the Sunshine Coast.

"From 10am I'll be your host so, if the sky is blue, it's up to you. No rush, no stress, there is no fee. Nor do I accept liability. If you are sad or lonely or feeling blue, I'll do my best to fix that too! So, sing a song, and have some fun; join me on my morning run. My telephone will take your call; I'll ring you back and tell you all," Neville's Blue Sky Tours flyers states.

The chirpy 86-year-old Yorkshire-man has taken on the initiative of leading a group of up to eight seniors on their motor scooters on monthly two-hour jaunts along the delightful coastal pathways of the Sunshine Coast.

"My dad used to say, if you've got an idea, shut up and get on with it," he said. "I see and hear every day people saying, 'I am lonely'. I see around the area that I live in motor scooters are getting more popular."

Neville has put a lot of thought into how he can get his Blue Sky Tours going. "It's only little things, but it makes a big difference for elderly people," Neville said.

He has worked out how to handle concerns over weather and how riders can get to the meeting point and back home. "I have spoken to the taxi-truck people and they think it's a great idea," Neville said.

He will supply all riders with a two-way radio on a lanyard so they can talk among themselves and with Neville while cruising the pathways. He has a satnav button on his scooter which he can use to contact the taxi-truck company to let them know accurately where the pick-up point is.

Neville will also carry a tow rope in case one of the scooters breaks down, hot and cold drinks and fruit. And he has even mapped out comfort stop locations.

Neville has extraordinary tales to share, songs to sing and an enthusiasm to see older Coast residents battle depression by doing something they can look forward to.

"Elderly people have to have something to look forward to; that's terribly important." Neville said. "Even if they have to wait a few weeks until they can go on a tour with this 'pommy bloke' and have a singsong and a laugh, that gives them something to look forward to."

His first tour will be at Moffat Beach this month. For details, phone 5476 2101.