The Chocolate Diet - David Strassman's latest show.
The Chocolate Diet - David Strassman's latest show.

Ventriloquist has things to say about chocolate

HE IS arguably the most famous working ventriloquist in the world but hitting his 60s doesn't mean that American David Strassman is slowing down.

Strassman is heading to Australia with his show The Chocolate Diet, which will take in North Coast venues from Port Macquarie to the Tweed. It's far from his first visit - in fact, some might suggest that he's been here so often in the past two decades that he has a share in the place.

"I love Straya, it's my second home," he said.

"Shares? Yeah, in coal. (Just kidding). Yes, it's great to be back, and especially to Port Macquarie. The Glasshouse theatre is one of the most modern venues in all of Australia and I'm honoured to return."

Has he seen a lot of changes in that time?

"Big changes? So many wonderful things have happened in Australia since my arrival to your Fatal Shore 18 years ago, so many that are too numerous to mention," he said.

"The increase in chocolate consumption has me worried, but you'll have to see what Ted E. Bare says about you Aussies and your sweets addiction in my latest show, The Chocolate Diet."

For many Australians their first glimpse of Strassman was back on Hey Hey It's Saturday - a show that Strassman still mourns.

"Hey Hey, It's Saturday was iconic in Australian television and I owe my success in Oz to that show.''

Despite the loss of platforms like Hey Hey, Strassman is still doing well and still marvelling at how a trip to Disneyland when he was a kid saw him head towards first magic and then ventriloquism, and at 62 he is still touring the world and coming up with new shows.

"In my wildest dreams, I thought I'd be on stage playing with dolls when I entered my sixth decade. Oh wait...," he laughed.

From March 31-April 4, Strassman will be at Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore and Tweed Heads. See https://www