Hakea Grove Aged Care head chef Kylie Horton.
Hakea Grove Aged Care head chef Kylie Horton.

Taste of success delights Hakea Grove residents

Hakea Grove Aged Care's Head Chef Kylie Horton has fully embraced lessons learned at a Maggie Beer Masterclass and residents at the Central Coast facility are reaping the rewards.

Kylie excelled in a Creating An Appetite For Life Masterclass in Sydney last September and is now putting into practice all the tips she picked up on creating meals that taste and look amazing.

Following in Maggie's footsteps, Kylie is "creating an appetite for life" by modifying pureed meals to look more like regular food.

"Our residents and family have all been so happy with the change," Kylie said.

"Residents with swallowing difficulties are counting on us to present them something that everyone would want to eat and to not feel saddened and upset by being forgotten about regarding care and effort."

Hakea Grove CEO Jo Heslin said: "We eat using all our senses, not just our taste buds; a meal that looks, smells and tastes good is a must.''

Kylie added: "We had such a success with families that came in when they could not tell the difference between the modified and the normal food for our residents. For our home, this is what it is about, leaving no one out just because they have a swallowing problem."

It is a strong belief at Hakea Grove that good nutrition underpins good health, making Hakea Grove an industry leader.

"We cook meals fresh onsite and modify them to meet all texture and dietary requirements," Jo said.

"For us, food is a social event bringing people together with homely meals that look and taste great. It is wonderful seeing the residents' faces light up when they are presented with Kylie and her team's creations."

Jo said Hakea Grove was grateful to the Maggi Beer Foundation for its Appetite for Life courses.

"They are a wonderful initiative for the sector and for Australia's elders."

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