Sydney Cognitive: Clinic taking the battle to dementia

OVER 400,000 Australians suffer some form of dementia. Unfortunately, as the population ages, this number continues to increase. Dementia may start in middle age and inhibits the capacity to socialise and enjoy life to the fullest.

Early and accurate diagnosis, therapy and education can greatly improve the quality of life and outcome for sufferers of dementia and their families. Sydney Cognitive has been established in North Sydney to offer a full range of services, including neurology, geriatric medicine, psychology and occupational therapy. Each patient benefits from individualised care as well as extensive support for their carers. Sydney Cognitive assists patients primarily in the Sydney region and from across New South Wales.

Dr Rowena Mobbs, Director of Sydney Cognitive, says, "Dementia is a crucial health issue facing Australia today and we aim to make a real difference in patient care. We recognise that dementia sufferers can often enjoy years of productive work and contribution to society provided they receive appropriate assistance. We highlight the importance of individually-tailored care in dementia as well as the need for collaborative research. There are many opportunities not only health professionals but the community at large to assist with these efforts."

The new, purpose-built facility is being opened on Thursday, 14 December 2017 by Dr Ronald Joffe AM neurologist. Dr Joffe has a lifetime of experience in these matters.

The motto of Sydney Cognitive is 'clear thinking'.