Sugar, spice and everything nice-ly organised.
Sugar, spice and everything nice-ly organised.

Sugar, spice and everything nice

IS YOUR pantry nicely organised or a little on the messy side? Is there some spice bottles, condiments or unused jars that are well past their use-by-date? Perhaps after the Christmas chaos and New Year celebrations, you haven't had a chance to go through what you have buried in the clutter. LET'S get organised and give your pantry a new look with these helpful organisation ideas.

Clean and clear

Remove all items from your pantry and wipe down shelves and surfaces. Make sure the pantry or cupboard space is completely dry.

Sort and organise

Divide removed pantry items into three groups - . Put aside any items you won't use, haven't used in a while and any out-of-date items. Start by Bin Bin anything out-of-date and donate other non-perishable items you don't think you'll use to a charity. Those items that you haven't used in a while are what we need to focus on.

Labels and storage

Group items together using baskets or labels. Organise the pantry in a way that makes sense to you, such as spreads and sauces, cans and jars, condiments and spices, sugar and flour and pasta and rice. This can be a stylish and practical way to organise all of your pantry items. It's important that simplicity is key. Try not to overcrowd the area to ensure everything is easily found when needed. Keep items or baskets on a higher shelf if not required for everyday use and the items you use more frequently, in an easy-to-reach position. This creates a simple and effective way to a better stocked pantry.

Get shopping

Go shopping for any items that need replacing.Move any already opened items into clear, glass storage containers wherever possible.Add a label or remove the label from the item and include it with the product for future reference. Be aware of what's on hand so you'll use what you have, and not be tempted to buy additional things you don't need