NEW BOOKS: Celia Imrie's enjoyable new book, Sail Away.
NEW BOOKS: Celia Imrie's enjoyable new book, Sail Away.

Sail Away across the Atlantic

IF YOU ever thought nothing really exciting happens on cruise ships, then you should take a cruise across the Atlantic on the Blue Mermaid with author Celia Imrie.

At the centre of her new novel Sail Away are two over-60s women; both lost souls trying to find their foothold on life.

Neither expected to be tangled in a web of lies, murder, love and strange cruise shipmates when they found themselves onboard the Blue Mermaid as it travelled from the UK to the USA.

There are plenty of light moments and unexpected turns in this very entertaining read.

You will get to meet actress and 80s TV star Suzy Marshall who is coming to terms with being over 60 in young person's profession. She has secured a job on board giving acting lessons to the guests.

Amanda Herbert has stepped on board as a guest after finding herself homeless when she sold the family home and being forced to wait for a very delayed settlement on the purchase of an apartment. She thought she could stay with her children in the interim, but found out quickly they only wanted her when it suited them.

The trip across the Atlantic for both women is a chance to put money back in their pockets and hide from the crises they have left back home.

Suzy has to deal with a fellow actor who she really doesn't trust, and who may just have stolen all her meagre savings.

Amanda has to deal with some tiresome dinner table guests that she really would rather not be stuck with for the glamorous cruise. One of them decides to be Amanda's best friend from the first night and never seems to be too far away from her wherever she goes.

Published by Bloomsbury, Sail Away is in bookshops now. RRP$17.99.