Hayden and Sara's roller coaster ride on The Block has finally hit a high.
Hayden and Sara's roller coaster ride on The Block has finally hit a high. Channel 9

REVEALED: Hits and misses of The Block's master bedroom week

IT LOOKS like the storm clouds have cleared for Hayden and Sara on The Block.

After threatening to walk off the show last week, the Sydney couple has bounced back with a room win.

Taking on board the feedback from her special one-on-one mentoring session with judge Shaynna Blaze, Sara has  finally found her style mojo and delivered a sophisticated bedroom worthy of a multi-million dollar price tag. 

"The restraint they've shown is great," Blaze said.

"They wanted all these different textures on top of each other. They were going to have Venetian plaster, textured wallpaper… they've really pulled back and they've got what we've been saying right from the start."

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday September 2* Hayden and Sara rode The Block roller coaster to a win with their master bedroom.
Hayden and Sara finally score a win with this stylish master bedroom. Channel 9

Neale Whitaker agreed, saying the couple has finally managed to marry the art deco and heritage elements of the original building with modern design.

"I like they way they've taken an art deco motif and played with it and had fun with it," he said. "They've created a room to me that feels modern.

"The outstanding thing in here is balance, which is something Hayden and Sara have struggled to find. There are things that could be improved but overall it's a nice bedroom."

So the crisis has been averted, at least for now.

Hayden and Sara's win was a decisive one, with the other four teams all facing quite strong critiques from the judges

Runners-up Kerry and Spence's master bedroom was deemed clinical and almost hospital-like.

"We're in the master bedroom of a luxury apartment. I'm sorry I want a little bit of va va voom," Whitaker said.

"I walk in, open the double doors and go 'Uh OK, so it's a white room'.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday September 2* Kerrie and Spence's master bedroom in a scene from The Block.
Kerrie and Spence are still playing it too safe with their styling, according to the judges. Channel 9

"It feels like they had a great idea and then they pressed pause because they got scared."

Their walk-in wardrobe was praised, benefiting from the space the couple stole from the bathroom.

"Wow, that's what they sacrificed in their bathroom. This is amazing," Blaze said.

"I feel like they've thought this through but they haven't thought the master through. The master doesn't sell this dream."

Penthouse renovators Norm and Jess and Bianca and Carla tied in third place. Both teams had much smaller footprints to work with for their master bedrooms.

Whitaker dubbed Norm and Jess's master bedroom a 'gold class cinema' because of the wall-mounted television, wall niches and over-the-top styling.

"If ever there was a room that was crying out for a bit of less is more, it's this one," he said.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday September 2* Jess and Norm's master bedroom was dubbed 'the gold class cinema' by The Block judges.
Norm and Jess delivered a little too much bling for The Block judges. Channel 9

"I can see where they were trying to go. The colour palette is really clever and it's beautifully done but wow what an overload. This room is giving me indigestion.

"There's a lot of people who will look at this and think 'this is my idea of heaven' but for me this is not the master bedroom an apartment of this size needs."

Darren Palmer was kinder, saying he loved the styling of the bed and art-like wall sconces.

"I love the layering, all these colours and the way they've dressed this and those lights. I love all of it," he said.

Bianca and Carla's grey on grey on grey colour palette was dubbed a masculine 'man cave'.

"Do they think they're (buyers) all men? This is so heavily masculine with your dark drapes, your dark wall, your charcoal," Blaze said.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday September 2* Bianca and Carla's master bedroom was dubbed a 'man cave' by The Block judges.
Bianca and Carla's master bedroom was certainly dark and moody. Channel 9

The netballers were also slammed for a lack of functionality, including forgetting to install the air conditioning grate on their timber feature wall.

"There's part of me that looks at that bed and think it's some of the most beautiful styling I've ever seen on this show but I don't think these girls are thinking how we actually live. It's style over substance," Whitaker said.

"I do want them to spend more time thinking about functionality."

Hans and Courtney finished last, after struggling to build and paint their massive master bedroom, by far the largest of all the apartments.

But scale got the better of them, with the judges lamenting the missed opportunity to make the most of the space.

"I'm just not feeling it. There is nothing in here that is going to make me want to buy this apartment," Whitaker said.

"Yes it's grand, but to me it feels like an exercise in wasted space.


*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday September 2* Courtney and Hans's master bedroom was slammed by The Block judges.
Courtney and Hans failed to make the most of the space in their massive master bedroom. Channel 9

"If you've got a room that is this huge, this massive, then demonstrate it. Show me a couch, an ottoman; show me an amazing rug, show me floor to ceiling mirrors … so I walk into this room and I'm blown away."

The Block continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 9.


Week 4 room reveal scores

Hayden and Sara: 26.5

Kerrie and Spence: 24

Norm and Jess: 22.5

Bianca and Carla: 22.5

Courtney and Hans: 22