Kerrie and Spence's kitchen is flawless according to The Block judges.
Kerrie and Spence's kitchen is flawless according to The Block judges. Channel 9

REVEALED: The Block's perfect kitchen

AFTER nearly walking off The Block during living and dining week, Kerrie and Spence have bounced back to win the reno show's all-important kitchen week.

The South Australians were always going to be hard to beat thanks to the vouchers for Gaggenau and Sub-Zero appliances in their safe, which was why they picked apartment one.

The couple received the first perfect score of The Gatwick series for the well-appointed and well-planned cooking and entertaining area.

*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* The Block judges deemed Kerrie and Spence's kitchen as perfect.
Kerrie and Spence's dream kitchen wowed Shaynna, Neale and Darren. Channel 9

"It feels like home already," judge Shaynna Blaze said. "It's a bit hard to fault anything."

Their butler's pantry alone was the size of the kitchen of most family homes.

"This is not just a butler's pantry, you could fit a whole army of butlers in here," Neale Whitaker said.

*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* Kerrie and Spence's butler's pantry is kitchen in and of itself.
Large enough for caterers to do the cooking for you. Channel 9

"For anyone who loves cooking, entertaining this is paradise."

Embattled team Hayden and Sara were pleased to finish runners up, surprising the judges with the orientation of their island bench.

"Actually now that this is in place it kind of make sense of that whole area," Whitaker said, referring to their living and dining room which was harshly judged last week.

"It has a sense of generosity about it."

*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* Hayden and Sara's kitchen in a scene from The Block.
Hayden and Sara oriented their kitchen to take advantage of the natural light from the windows. Channel 9

The couple's only downfall was the positioning of their coffee machine and the lack of styling in their butler's pantry.

"I'm just looking at this bank of empty shelves," Whitaker said. "Nobody is going to not buy this place because the styling is bad but it reduces the number of people who will fall in love with it and pay that little bit extra."

The penthouse apartments finished in equal third place for their kitchens.

Walking into Jess and Norm's apartment, the judges were blown away by the scale of the ceilings and the natural light flooding in from the giant windows.

The Queenslanders were praised for their marble bench top and unexpected choice of cabinetry colour.

"It's so luxurious - the thickness of the marble," Whitaker said.

"The cabinets are so soft. It's not what I expected them to do. They constantly surprise us.

*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* Jess and Norm's kitchen in a scene from The Block.
Jess and Norm's penthouse kitchen is a stunner. Channel 9

"Aesthetically this is a very, very sophisticated kitchen. It looks stunning." 

But functionality issues like the placement and size of the sink and the lack of a rubbish bin in the main kitchen area let them down.

"There'd be a lot of people putting their hand up to buy this because even though it has those mistakes it's beautiful," Blaze said. 

Bianca and Carla received similar feedback. The judges loved the look and feel of their kitchen and its generous butler's pantry, but a few functionality issues let the space down.

"It's sexy and it's sophisticated," Whitaker said. "The rooms they all create go with each other.

*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* Bianca and Carla's kitchen in a scene from The Block.
Bianca and Carla are targeting a corporate buyer for their penthouse apartment. Channel 9

"But guys kitchens create rubbish. A bin is pretty paramount. I always think the best kitchens are designed by people who cook."

After winning living and dining week, Hans and Courtney came crashing back down to the bottom of the leader board.

The Perth couple had the most difficult space to work with and a few crucial layout mistakes resulted in a dark and awkward kitchen.

"Straight away I think it's got a lot to do with the island bench," Blaze said.


*WARNING embargoed until 9pm Sunday September 16* Courtney and Hans' kitchen in a scene from The Block.
Hans and Courtney had a tricky space to work with. Channel 9

"The styling is gorgeous. There are some amazing things and it's going to photograph well, but the thing is they're going to be up with four other kitchens that integrate better. The comparisons against the other apartments are really going to be working against them."

Tomorrow night the buyers' jury will tour the apartments and award one team a $10,000 prize. This upcoming week the teams will renovate their laundries, hallways and powder rooms.


Week 6 room reveal scores

Kerrie and Spence: 30

Hayden and Sara: 28.5

Bianca and Carla: 26.5

Norm and Jess: 26.5

Courtney and Hans: 24