WINTER ARTS: Watercolour with Terry Jarvis.
WINTER ARTS: Watercolour with Terry Jarvis.

Retreat into winter artistic mode

CREATIVE out-of-towners, grey nomads and locals are getting ready for the week-long 32nd annual McGregor Winter Arts Retreat in Toowoomba from July1-5.

Cassy Stephan, the retreat's educational events coordinator, describes the retreat as a place where participants come to create, collaborate and connect.

Drawing, jewellery, leather work, enamelling, drawing, woodwork, millinery, printmaking and painting are some of the daytime activities over the five days.

The workshops can cater for both beginners and advanced students.

"We are more than happy to have a chat and make sure people are in a comfortable space," Ms Stephan said. "Recently we had a couple join us. She did the millinery course and he did the wine-making course".

Each evening the retreat members get together for a range of social experiences.

There is even a market night when some of the retreat tutors sell their art. "It's an amazing to have these tutors selling their art at kind of bargain prices," Ms Stephan said.

Other nights there are movie or trivia, an acoustic guitar concert,

"We get lots of people who come to connect," Ms Stephan said. "They see each other each Retreat or they might share artistic ideas or develop lifetime friendships."

Some of the new tutors joining the Winter Retreat are floral oils teacher Marcel Desbiens, drawing tutor Richard Klekociuk, ceramicist Peter Biddulph and printmaker Rhi Johnson. They will join returning artists including Terry Jarvis, Robyn Bauer, Trisha Reust and Craig Penny.

"It's a supportive environment and it's quite a buzz," Ms Stephan added.

For details including accommodation options and which workshops to register for call Ms Stephan on (07) 4631 1111. To book mcgregor-winter-arts-retreat-2019.