Prince Harry has dressed up as Santa Claus
Prince Harry has dressed up as Santa Claus

Prince Harry’s Santa surprise

Prince Harry has dressed up as Santa in a new video message for Scotty's Little Soldiers, a charity that supports children of British soldiers who died in combat.

Wearing a white wig and beard and red Santa hat and suit, complete with a fake belly, Harry opened his message with a festive "Ho ho ho" before encouraging the 190 children attending the Little Soldiers Christmas party to "cause as much chaos as humanly possible."

"I also want to encourage you guys to look around and realise that you are part of a family," he said.

The Duke added: "Having met some of you a few years ago I know how incredibly strong you are."

His tone throughout was resoundingly upbeat as he empathised with the children as a bereaved child himself. "Losing a parent is incredibly hard but I know that every single one of you by helping each other out that you will have an amazing future ahead of you and a fantastic Christmas as well."

'Your parents, they will never be forgotten and you will never be forgotten. '

In conclusion, the Prince said, "I really, really hope and I know that you will leave today with a huge smile on your face and for the younger ones of you probably covered in food as well."

He then pulled down his white Santa beard to reveal his own ginger beard and said, "Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year."

In 2018, Scotty's Little Soldiers was one of seven charities nominated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for people to donate to rather than give gifts to the couple for their wedding.

Scotty's Little Soldiers was founded by war widow Nikki Scott in 2010 after Corporal Lee Scott, her husband and the father to her two children, was killed in duty in Afghanistan in 2009.

For Prince Harry's first Father's Day this year, the royal couple again encouraged the public to donate to Scotty's Little Soldiers in lieu of presents for Harry and his son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.