FILMS AT SEA: Film critic David Stratton.
FILMS AT SEA: Film critic David Stratton. Hollie Adams

Cruise the oceans with film critic David Stratton

YOU'VE seen him on the television and read his movie reviews in the newspaper, now you can meet the renowned movie critic David Stratton on the high seas.

Armed with a selection of films he particularly likes, Mr Stratton will be onboard Celebrity Eclipse for the Film Festival at Sea 20-day voyage which will travel along the southern South American coastline and down to Antarctica.

This will be his seventh hosting voyage for the 80-year-old, but this cruise he is particularly excited about as it's his first time to South America.

The Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship.
The Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship.

The films he will be showing won't be new, nor will they be particularly old. "I certainly won't show any films I don't like," Mr Stratton said. "All the films will be pretty good. They will be ones I like and support."

He said people who are keen on films, but necessarily wildly enthusiastic, will enjoy this voyage.

The guests are drawn from all over Australia. "They become quite a family onboard because they are coming to the films every day, their eating meals together and when you go ashore, they go together. So, I know some lasting friendships have been made. I know one couple has come three times on cruises," he said.

The cruise will travel to intriguing and culturally diverse places including Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Puerto Madryn, Stanley, Cape Horn, Ushuaia, and Antarctic Sound. It will cruise past the panoramic scenery of Ushuaia's breathtaking snow-capped mountains, Antarctica's incredible icebergs and ice-covered mountains rising out of the ocean and Elephant Island whose name was chosen by early explorers who saw elephant seals on its shores.

Tourists at Iguazu Falls, one of the world's great natural wonders, on the border of Brazil and Argentina.
Tourists at Iguazu Falls, one of the world's great natural wonders, on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Rodrigo M Nunes

Onboard the luxurious ship the passengers will be able to enjoy Mr Stratton's company at regular film viewings and at dinner time when he will join a different table each night.

"We will be showing a film, probably every day," Mr Stratton said. "Usually in the afternoon unless we are ashore.

"I introduce the film, then we watch it and then we talk about it afterwards and a bit of a debate goes on. It's all very interesting."

Mr Stratton will also be available for one-on-one conversations. "In the past, occasionally someone has asked if they could meet up with me during the day and have a coffee, and talk about some particular thing," he said.

For more information, go to or phone 1300 630 343.