The MKR judges have picked the worst contestant of all time.
The MKR judges have picked the worst contestant of all time.

MKR judges name worst contestant

There have been a handful of horror contestants on My Kitchen Rules, but one was worse than all the others, according to the judges.

In the MKR 10th Anniversary Special set to air on Seven tonight at 7.30pm, Manu Feildel, Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge name 2017 contestant Josh Meeuwissen as the most outrageous contestant to have appeared on the reality show so far.

"We had an outrageous team from Broome," Evans recalls in the special.

"I think he fell out with Australia, not just the table," Fassnidge says about Josh.

"I just couldn't believe how confident he was and how critical he was to others but couldn't even deliver himself," Feildel adds.


MKR contestants Amy and Josh. Picture: Channel 7
MKR contestants Amy and Josh. Picture: Channel 7

Josh, a deckhand from Western Australia, appeared on the show in 2017 with his wife Amy and quickly earnt the title of that season's villain thanks to his harsh criticisms of every other team's dishes.

The contestant claimed to be the "Seafood King" but his dishes on the show proved otherwise, with Fieldel saying in tonight's special, "I know that he loved fishing but I don't think he knew what to do with it after he was on the boat."

During his time on the show, Josh shocked viewers when he called a female contestant a sl*t, a comment that he bizarrely claimed he made after being blackmailed by a producer.

"They (producers) were saying if I didn't do certain things, they were going to portray that differently … and they were telling me how they were going to edit it unless I played ball," Josh told KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O.

"There was a particular interview where a producer so badly wanted me to discuss something I wasn't comfortable to discuss to the point that we both exited a room, she followed us to the hotel, where the interview took place, took the lift with us and followed us to our hotel room, the entire way hounding, pleading with us, blackmailing us until she … and then she had the audacity to justify this behaviour as 'doing her job'," he told the radio hosts.

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Josh was also slammed by viewers for disrespecting his wife on the show, including threatening to divorce her during a heated cooking challenge.

"Can you just shush for a second because I'm just working on the seafood, then I can talk," Josh said to Amy on MKR.

"Stop barking orders at me!" Amy replied, before Josh responded, "We're getting divorced after this."


Josh's threat almost became a reality with the contestant revealing to New Idea that he and his wife separated for a week immediately after filming My Kitchen Rules.

"We had no breathing room from each other," Josh told the magazine. "Whenever we were in front of the camera, it just brought out the worst in each other - being together every single day.

"As soon as we finished filming, we spent a week away from each other - so Amy went to a girlfriend's house in Broome and I went off and stayed at our house and gave ourselves some distance there to kind of clear our heads."


Josh and Amy were contestants on the show in 2017. Picture: Channel 7
Josh and Amy were contestants on the show in 2017. Picture: Channel 7


Just a couple of days after Josh's interview was published in New Idea, Amy spoke to New Corp Australia and claimed they'd never actually split at all.

"Josh and I are happily married and the split rumours are one hundred per cent false," Amy said.

"I want to wholeheartedly refute those claims that we separated because we are still together.

"We spent two days apart because I had been invited to a hen's party weekend. It was a social commitment with friends."

In tonight's My Kitchen Rules 10th Anniversary Special, the judges will also pick their favourite contestants and look back at the best dishes they've been served over the past nine seasons.

My Kitchen Rules 10th Anniversary Special airs on Channel 7 tonight at 7.30pm