Wills & Estates Partner Angela Harry from Attwood Marshall Lawyers with 4CRB broadcaster and Law Talks presenter, Steve Stuttle.
Wills & Estates Partner Angela Harry from Attwood Marshall Lawyers with 4CRB broadcaster and Law Talks presenter, Steve Stuttle.

Legal eagles hit airwaves to keep seniors in loop

LEADING elder law firm Attwood Marshall Lawyers has launched a 2020 series of its successful community radio program Law Talks for community radio station 4CRB.

The station caters to older listeners in northern New South Wales and on the Gold Coast.

Wills and estates partner Angela Harry said the weekly radio segment on Friday mornings on 89.3FM, in which lawyers are interviewed on a wide range of topics, would be broadcast until February 2021.

"Attwood Marshall Lawyers is a well-established local law firm with significant insight into the important legal issues for the elderly in our community," Ms Harry said.

"In addition to regular community wills days, where we provide our legal services free to prepare a will in exchange for the will-maker making a small donation to a charity, we have committed to a year-long schedule of Law Talks with 4CRB community radio.''

Mr Harry said her firm's experienced wills and estates team - the largest on the Tweed and Gold Coast - would be interviewed to give audiences valuable insights into topics including superannuation, estate planning, granny flat agreements, deceased estate administration and probate.

"We will also be focusing on some of the topical and more controversial issues that can arise in this area, including elder abuse, financial exploitation, contesting wills and voluntary euthanasia,'' she said.

"We hope to help the listeners to understand the important issues that arise in the making of a will or the appointment of an attorney, as well as answer some of the sensitive legal questions surrounding dementia and end-of-life care.''

Ms Harry said the controversial topic of the role of two government bodies, the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian and the Queensland Public Trustee, would also be canvassed.

There was a strong push by the firm in 2019 for a NSW parliamentary inquiry into the NSW government organisation. Law Talks will be presented by Steve Stuttle - a senior broadcaster with a wealth of experience in elder issues that impact on the community.

He said the program was warmly welcomed for its significant community contribution and easy-to-understand format.

Law Talks can be heard every Friday from 9am (QLD time) and will also be made available to seniors free, online, in written format and can be downloaded on podcasts on a listen-back site.