Sophia Goodwin and Forte-Avant KiwiKiwi-Wheto.
Sophia Goodwin and Forte-Avant KiwiKiwi-Wheto. Meg Gannon

Iconic opera classics delight crowds from all over Qld

THERE was palpable astonishment on the faces of the crowd at the Opera at Jimbour as Shaun Brown gave a heart-wrenching rendition of Toreador - just one performance out of many that left crowds breathless.

Renowned performers Hayley Sugars, Shaun Brown, Sarah Crane, and Simon Kim were accompanied by the Queensland Youth Orchestra and the Toowoomba Chorus as they delivered iconic opera classics to an adoring crowd.

Prior to the performance, guests perused markets selling food, drinks, Jimbour memorabilia, and even offering face painting.

Check out some photos from the day: