Honda recalls cars with deadly airbags - again

HONDA has had to issue a second recall on cars with a deadly defect in their airbags because the replacement parts had the same fault.

The faulty Takata airbags have been linked to 13 confirmed deaths around the globe, though none have been in Australia, reports the Courier-Mail.

The recall is the largest recall in automotive history and has affected 1.4 million vehicles from a dozen brands, including Ferrari.

The recall applies to Honda Civic models made in 2000, and 2012 models of the Jazz hatchback, City Sedan, Insight hybrid, Accord and the Honda Legend.

The recalls so far cover almost every car Honda has sold in the past 15 years. 

Around 421,000 cars have been recalled to replace 650,000 airbags replaced.

In a statement, Honda said: "These (25,000) cars must be re-recalled as the original replacement inflator is now known to have the same defect as other Takata inflators".

The Takata airbags in question have also caused Toyota to recall vehicles, with 437,000 vehicles affected locally,.

Nissan has also been impacted with 264,000 cars needing their Takata airbags replaced ahead of Mazda's 150,000.

How to have your Honda fixed

Honda has a dedicated recall call centre on freecall 1800 789 839 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST). They can answer your recall questions and take bookings for a time to have the fault repaired.

A comprehensive list of affected vehicles was published in August last year on the government's Product Safety Australia website, listing the many car makes, models, years and VIN ranges involved.

Honda says the following shows how many of each model of cars have been affected:

2000 Civic         - 592  (6SD)
2012 Jazz         - 15,535
2012 City          - 1,426                       
2012 Accord     -  7,460
2012 Insight      -  233
2012 Legend     -  36