Sara's frustrations boil over on The Block.
Sara's frustrations boil over on The Block. Channel 9

Hayden and Sara's big, bold bath gamble backfires

SARA and Hayden have walked off The Block after a third straight week of crushing feedback from the judges.

The embattled couple had high hopes this week their impressive gold bathtub would win them the weekly prize.

In fact, they risked their budget on the room, spending more money on a single bathroom than any team in Block history. A figure wasn't specified but based on the 2016 season, in which Julia and Sasha spent a whopping $65,000 on their master en-suite, Hayden and Sara must have spent a small fortune. 

"We need to win this week to offset the cost of our bathroom. Our entire apartment is built around this bathroom," Sara admitted before the judges' verdict was delivered.

While judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and guest judge and real estate mogul John McGrath all praised the surprising gold bath, their positive feedback pretty much stopped there.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday August 26* Hayden and Sara's controversial master bathroom in a scene from The Block.
The fantastic gold bath wasn't enough to save the rest of this bathroom in the judges' eyes. Channel 9

"I don't think it (the bathtub) belongs in this bathroom. The rest of the bathroom doesn't feel like it goes," Whitaker said.

"It's just not coming together for me in here. It's a bit drab, and I don't like the choice of tile on the wall.

"I feel like someone is saying you've got to like this bathroom because of that bath, and I don't."

McGrath said the room had the potential to "wipe out" their potential buyers. 

The situation is so dire that Blaze offered to give special one-on-one mentoring to the couple, fearing they can't afford another expensive mistake.

"There's a hell of a lot of money spent in this room," she said. "They're going to run out of money if they keep making expensive mistakes."

Sara then blew up at producers in her post-judging interview, leaving her microphone and storming out of Block HQ.

Sara's hopes of a win came crashing down on The Block tonight.
Sara's hopes of a win came crashing down on The Block tonight. Channel 9

"It's f------ embarrassing now. We put our heart and soul into that," she said.

"If we're going to constantly be embarrassed on national television and constantly come last why would I want to be here?" 

Block viewers knew it was coming after it was teased earlier in the week. 

Kerrie and Spence, who have also been struggling to find their style, won master bathroom week after using their bonus point to pip Bianca and Carla.

Perfecting the materials they used in their main bathroom, the couple produced a balanced room that didn't feel it was lacking in space despite their changes to the architect's plans. 

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday August 26* Kerrie and Spence's winning master bathroom in a scene from The Block.
Kerrie and Spence finally scored their first room win. Channel 9

"I do think they have come on a lot since the few weeks that have passed since main bathroom week," Whitaker said.

"One thing we've really been stressing to the contestants is maintaining that high-end feel. This feels high-end to me. I love the details they've introduced, subtle details. It all works together visually in a very beautiful way. It feels very balanced."

Runners-up Bianca and Carla delivered a near perfect master bathroom, improving on the critiques they received for their main bathroom.

"It feels pretty perfect. I find this very, very sophisticated," Whitaker said.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday August 26* Bianca and Carla's near-perfect master bathroom in a scene from The Block.
Bianca and Carla would have won with this bathroom if it wasn't for the bonus point. Channel 9

"Their styling is very simple, very pared back but it works. These girls really understand luxury."

Hans and Courtney finished in third place. While their signature terrazzo tiles were a hit with Blaze, McGrath said they may polarise buyers.

"To me this says St Kilda," Blaze said.

"There are a lot of hotels that have this type of terrazzo in their bars and foyers, so if you're going to be in St Kilda you're going to see a lot of this.


*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday August 26* Hans and Courtney's terrazzo-filled master bathroom in a scene from The Block.
Hopefully a buyer falls in love with this terrazzo-filled master bathroom. Channel 9

"If you're going to have a bathroom this big you (need to) maximise. I think this (vanity) is out of scale. Why didn't they go all the way (to the wall)?"

After impressing with their main bathroom, Norm and Jess stumbled in their small master bathroom.

While the judges liked their choice of marble, other style choices let it down.

"The colour palette is beautiful but I don't feel like the scale is working," Blaze said.

"Why two basins? This is not the en-suite where you need two normal sized basins."


*WARNING EMBARGOED until 9pm Sunday August 26* Jess and Norm's master bathroom in a scene from The Block.
Jess and Norm went big and bold with their statement marble feature wall and bench top. Channel 9

This upcoming week the teams will renovate their master bedrooms and walk-in robes. It is unclear if Hayden and Sara will leave The Block for good or if they will return and take up Blaze's offer of a mentoring session.

The episode finished with Sara telling the camera: "I can't do it to myself mentally. I will have to call it quits."


Week 3 room reveal scores

Kerri and Spence: 27.5

Bianca and Carla: 27

Hans and Courtney: 24

Norm and Jess: 23

Hayden and Sara: 22