MORE NEEDED: The Cooroy RV stopover facilities and a couple of campers.
MORE NEEDED: The Cooroy RV stopover facilities and a couple of campers. Peter Gardiner

Grey nomad says Cooroy RV site can do a lot better

TWO of Cooroy's seasoned grey nomads believe Noosa Council's procrastination has been crippling the performance of the Cooroy RV stopover.

Doug Claydon said he and former Noosa councillor Ray Kelly were asked by Cooroy Chamber of Commerce to make a submission to council more than two years ago after the stopover opened.

Mr Claydon is a small businessman and a chamber member.

"I am just so frustrated. Both Ray and myself have had considerable experience of being grey nomads and enjoying stopovers," Mr Claydon said.

"It was plainly obvious it was going to fail. Attendance is abysmal and it is failing."

"We know what grey nomads spend. The ballpark figure is $1000 for a 1000ks - that's fuel and food stocks and we are missing out on a large part of that," he said.

He said this was a case of ideal location, wrong approach.

Mr Claydon said insisting that all RVs using the community facility were self-contained vehicles meant many vehicles without toilets passed on Cooroy.

There are toilet facilities at the stopover, but they are locked and Mr Claydon said their suggestion to open them up and make showers available by issuing issue keys or cards to RV clients would reverse this problem immediately.

He said there was one tap available while a second had no handle.

There also should be more attractive facilities like barbecues and better promotion like there were at successful stopovers across the shire boundary at Eumundi and Kenilworth, he said.

"Nothing has happened - they don't know what they're doing. If it was done properly there could be zero cost and in fact council could make some money out of it."

Mr Claydon said it did not need a costly third party management arrangement and should look after the stopover inhouse.

He believes the four-night stay limit is fine as long as RV users were directed towards other Noosa stays like Pomona and the coast when their Cooroy time was up.