Rosie Cornwell, 66, and her granddaughter Tasharni, 14.
Rosie Cornwell, 66, and her granddaughter Tasharni, 14. Sarah Steger

'I'm very lucky': Grandma trapped after hit and run

ROSIE Schwabegger sits hunched over on a grey sofa, her legs dotted in dark bruises and scratches. A cut on her bottom lip stretches open each time she tries to talk, her hazy eyes drifting slowly across the room, trying to focus on the people around her.

Surrounding Ms Schwabegger are her loved ones, who've come to support the 66-year-old grandmother after she was knocked off her bike during a hit and run on Saturday.

"I'm very lucky to have them," she said yesterday.

About 5.45am on Saturday Ms Schwabegger was cycling around town when she struck a white ute at the corner of Takalvan St and Woongarra St.

She and her partner, Stewart Mackett, said while it was likely the driver hadnot seen her coming, there was no way they would not have felt the impact.

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