San’in Quest Tour - Buddha statues in Iwami Ginzan silver mine.
San’in Quest Tour - Buddha statues in Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

Gently roam Japan's mystical San’in region

JAPAN'S mystical and deeply rural San'in region in west Honshu aside the Sea of Japan is the focus of Walk Japan's latest tour which is on in 2019.

The nine-day fully guided, small group walking tour on Japan's main island starts in Yamaguchi and finishes in Hiroshima. The tour group will roam verdant countryside and the rugged coast, exploring ancient paths, historic castle towns, a silver mine, picturesque villages, and mystical shrines.

Most night's accommodation is in traditional Japanese inns. These ryokan stays include regional cuisine from both sea and land, as well as therapeutic and relaxing onsen hot spring baths.

The rural and mountainous San'in region is one of the least populous, more remote, and less-explored areas of Japan. It's perfect for travellers who want to experience the real Japan with its ancient landscapes and fascinating culture.

The tour begins in the 16th-century city Yamaguchi. Travellers will wander through the myriad and fascinating layers of Japanese history and the San'in's tranquil, almost primordial landscape, back in time to the nation's origins at Izumo Taisha shrine, before ending the tour in Hiroshima which is these days a vibrant and modern Japanese city.

Along the way the tour group will experience the legacy of the ruling, local samurai clans whose cultural influence lingers on in magnificent castle ruins overlooking the ocean, visiting charming towns that once provided lodging for travellers on ancient highways, relaxing in hot springs, which have been a source of comfort and respite over the millennia, and visiting the UNESCO-registered Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

Walk Japan's tours vary in the levels of activity. This is a level three tour which means it is suitable for anyone who is in good physical health and able to walk 15 to 25 km each day.

Each tour is led by an informed and enthusiastic guide through the traditions and barely touched terrain of the lesser-known rural areas of Japan.

The tour, which runs from April 22 to 30 or November 3 to 11, costs A$5336 per person.

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