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Essential to monitor our aged care providers

HAVING just put our mum into an aged care nursing home it was with considerable interest I watched the 7.30 Report about elder abuse in a South Australian aged care facility.

Thankfully this home has been closed down.

What surprises me is that operators of aged care homes were notified prior to inspections of their facilities by accreditation board inspectors.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt states, "Aged care safety and quality are non-negotiable and must be delivered to residents 365 days of the year, without exception".

I sincerely hope our Federal Government implement "lock stock and barrel" the recommendations of the Carnell-Paterson Report.

Having so many aged care nursing homes on our Sunshine Coast and knowing there is a distinct chance we will be occupants sooner or later, I think it is essential we monitor our aged care providers and report any wrongdoings we find to our local member or to our Aged Care Minister.

Our Federal Government needs to act on this issue immediately.