NEW BOOK: Alex Nicol's newly released book, Old Days, Old Ways.
NEW BOOK: Alex Nicol's newly released book, Old Days, Old Ways.

Do you remember? Old Days, Old Ways

JOIN author Alex Nicol as he takes you back to the old days in the bush, when booking into a country pub was likely to turn into an adventure, and when radio was the glue that held far flung communities together.

In his new book Old Days, Old Ways, the former ABC Radio presenter brings back to life the voices and stories of regional Australia before television and the internet.

When it comes to a bush yarn, it's about the way you tell it. As the voice of rural Australia for over two decades on ABC radio, Nicol can tell a yarn with a punchline that will keep you grinning for the rest of the day.

His book is full of colourful characters and making do with what's at hand, these stories are classically Australian.

There are the wartime mates who helped each other build farms on their soldier settler blocks, and the Adelady keeping the farm running after her husband died.

There is the young woman who ran down water buffalo in the Northern Territory, and Possum, the legendary bush hermit who lived off the land on his own for 60 years, quietly doing jobs for farmers without being asked.

There is the neighbour caught 'fishing' in the chookyard with a long line and a small hook baited with bread, and the little girl who swallowed a sapphire she found on the side of the road.

Published by Allen & Unwin, Old Days, Old Ways is available in bookshops. RRP$29.99.