The writer has sunk as low as grabbing daytime TV shopping deals.
The writer has sunk as low as grabbing daytime TV shopping deals.

Confirmation I’m in a parallel universe

SOAPBOX: I FINALLY have been presented with the indication that proves I have entered a parallel universe.

Normally, I wouldn’t be at home. Normally, I wouldn’t be watching television if I was. Normally, I would already be working away at the computer on a roster end day shift.

But my world, as I knew it, has ended.

I have succumbed to the daytime television deal.

There I was, minding my own business on the coach, waiting for the latest COVID-19 stats since I’d missed the morning news bulletin.

Confined to the working-from-home “new normal”, I’ve been noticing all the chores and especially cleaning that has been neglected for … well, let’s face it, years.

A chorus of angels seemed to be sustaining a singular note as my miracle duster came on the big-screen TV?

Yes. This is what I’d been waiting for to clean the insects from the high ceilings in the gable.

Yes, it had an extension pole.

But wait. there’s more. If I range straight away, I’d get two of them for the one low price.

I rushed to the mobile on my work desk. And hundreds must have had the same epiphany because my call only got through to the receptionist – a lovely lady who told me that all the deal consultants were on the phones and one of them would get back to me in two or three hours!

And in the final confirmation of my parallel universe, I not only told her “yes, that will be fine”, but also went through with the sale all those hours later.

Help me. Please.