AGED CARE TECHNOLOGY: Digital companion and carer app is aimed keeping seniors at home for longer.
AGED CARE TECHNOLOGY: Digital companion and carer app is aimed keeping seniors at home for longer.

Communications hub latest design to help healthy ageing

LUMIN is the newest Aged Care technology development being offered to older Australians who are dealing with isolation and loneliness.

The Australian designed, touch-screen digital companion and carer app, is aimed at helping to keep seniors in their home for longer.  

Lumin co-founder Paul Wilson said the touch screen provided a solution to many families struggling with the prospect of loved ones moving into supported care.

"People want to remain in their homes and we know they have better health outcomes and life expectancy the longer they can remain independent and connected to their communities," Mr Wilson said. "The Lumin helps them to achieve this."

The freestanding 17-inch Lumin screen is designed to act as a central communication hub. It features free one-touch dialing and video calls, a one-touch emergency button, entertainment, news and weather and shared photos and messages from family and friends.

The free app provides family and carers with remote oversight, alerting them in case the emergency alarm, or smoke or gas alarms are activated. They are also able to monitor medication reminders and scheduled appointments and events.

"There isn't anything on the market like this; I know because I was looking for something like this for my father, who is still independent but lives alone. We could speak on the phone, but I wanted that ongoing peace of mind that I could be alerted immediately if something went wrong, and play a more active role in his care even when I'm not there, and share more of the excitement of my young family," Mr Wilson said.

"Since my father started using Lumin, we speak on a regular basis and can make video calls, and my sister in Sydney and her daughter can share more of their lives more easily."

Mr Wilson said Lumin was also suitable for those with a disability, acquired brain Injuries such as stroke or Parkinson's, or early-stage dementia. "One customer caring for a partner with dementia told me she is now confident to leave the house for the first time because of the security of knowing she could check in with a phone or video call, and that she would be immediately notified if the emergency alarm was activated," he said.

Aged care provider HammondCare at Home announced this week it will provide Lumin to its home-care clients.

HammondCare at Home general manager David Martin said Lumin would help to combat loneliness and social isolation, challenging issues facing older people living at home.

"We also know that more clients, carers and families are keen to access the latest technology to stay in touch with their loved ones, but struggle to find a system that has been specifically designed and tested for use by older people, particularly those living with dementia," Mr Martin said.

"Our collaboration with Lumin will enable HammondCare clients to access state of the art communication technology as well as information such as care plans and statements. We want our customers to be well in their homes longer and stay closely connected with their families and communities."

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