Jess and Norm's outdoor terrace has everything a buyer would want.
Jess and Norm's outdoor terrace has everything a buyer would want. Channel 9

The Block terraces revealed: Who earned a perfect score?

JESS and Norm have finally scored a room reveal win on The Block, taking out terrace week with an outdoor space that had the judges looking for their chequebooks.

As expected, terrace week was a tight race between the two penthouse apartments - both of which boast city views.

The Queensland parents earned the second perfect score of the series for their well-planned space, which included everything from a covered dining area to a marble-topped bar, water feature, herb garden and grassed area.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 8.30pm Sunday October 7* After their plans for a pool fell over, this is the water feature Jess and Norm settled on for their winning outdoor terrace in a scene from The Block.
Norm and Jess didn't get permission to build a pool, so they went with this water feature instead. Channel 9

"If it feels this good on a cold, wet. grey Melbourne day, can you imagine how good it's going to feel on a good day?" judge Neale Whitaker said.

"When you're out here you realise what a prime piece of real estate this is."

A few minor practical issues meant Bianca and Carla finished in second place by one point but surprisingly, Hayden and Sara were nipping at their heels.

The netballers suffered their second loss of the week after they also lost out on the Domain magazine cover to Norm and Jess. 

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 8.30pm Sunday October 7* Bianca and Carla's outdoor terrace in a scene from The Block.
Bianca and Carla lost a point for not providing covered outdoor entertaining. Channel 9

While the judges loved many of the features on the girls' Dave Franklin-designed terrace - including the 5m dining table, wood fireplace and city views - they questioned why neither the dining or lounge areas were undercover.

"We closed the Vergola and we kept dry, but that couch didn't," Darren Palmer said. "In apartment four we could have still sat down and enjoyed our meal."

Hayden and Sara finished on a high after a very rocky run on The Block which nearly saw them walk out on the show.

The judges loved their custom concrete barbecue surrounded by green marble as well as the styling of their terrace. The only thing the space lacked was a comfy couch for relaxing.


*WARNING EMBARGOED until 8.30pm Sunday October 7* Sara and Hayden's outdoor terrace in a scene from The Block.
Hayden and Sara made the most of their enclosed terrace. Channel 9

"This is what I call selling the lifestyle," Whitaker said. "I have to say this is the most sophisticated and resolved I've seen Hayden and Sara ever be.

"When you come and inspect this apartment this is what you'll remember. That's what you want in a terrace; you want it to be a crescendo at the end."

Cash-strapped Kerrie and Spence finished in fourth place. The judges liked some of their plant and styling choices, but felt the terrace didn't live up to the perfection of their kitchen inside.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 8.30pm Sunday October 7* Kerrie and Spence's outdoor terrace in a scene from The Block.
Kerrie and Spence couldn't afford a barbecue for their terrace. Channel 9

"The standard is so high in there that it has to be in here as well," Shaynna Blaze said.

"Sometimes you set your bar so high that it can be a bad thing because you have to follow it all the way through."

Courtney and Hans, whose budget was also running on empty, received some harsh feedback for their uninspired terrace. Darren Palmer liked the space, but he was out-numbered.

Shaynna Blaze called it a missed opportunity while Neale Whitaker said their neon palm frond sculpture, which they created in a challenge, was the most exciting thing about the room.

*WARNING EMBARGOED until 8.30pm Sunday October 7* Courtney and Hans' outdoor terrace in a scene from The Block.
The judges called Courtney and Hans' outdoor terrace bland. Channel 9

"A fridge full of water, that says it all," Whitaker said.

"It needs to feel like an extension of the living room and it doesn't feel like that to me."

The teams will spend the next two weeks renovating the challenge apartment on the first level, which will be given away as part of the Block Monopoly promotion. 


Week 9 room reveal scores

Norm and Jess: 30

Bianca and Carla: 29

Hayden and Sara: 28.5

Kerrie and Spence: 25

Courtney and Hans: 23.5