Art trail transforms West road trips

WEST Australia's Silo Trail outdoor art gallery extends an extraordinary 1000km across the state's agricultural heartland.

The PUBLIC Silo Trail was completed last September by cultural organisation FORM in partnership with the state's largest grain handler CBH Group.

It took seven artists, 92 days and 1700 litres of paint over a three-year period to transform six massive silos located in Western Australia's rural heartland into an open art gallery. The trail celebrates the distinctiveness of the regions through unique and mural art.

Visitors can enjoy the spectacle on the self-drive route which links cultural narratives, storytelling and world class art.

Grey nomads can also take up opportunities to stop off for a day or two to enjoy the experience of the silo art and the character of the West Australian townships that dot the route.

Since the inaugural silo was completed in 2015 the PUBLIC Silo Trail has delivered an economic lifeline to local communities where the silos are located.

In the town of Pingrup the Pingrup Community Resource Centre recognised the opportunity that the silo project would bring to the small farming community. It reopened the town's only café to service the new tourism trade.

The West Australian government recently launched its new tourism campaign dubbed 'the road trip state'. The campaign encourages visitors to discover Western Australia through the many self-drive holiday routes across the State.

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